Online Woodworking Course to Help You Go From Complete Beginner to Building and Selling Furniture You Are Proud of.

The Beginner Woodworker's Course

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What Is The Beginner Woodworker's Course?

The Beginner Woodworker's Course is an online course designed to help you go from a complete beginner to designing, building, and selling furniture you are proud of. The course is primarly designed for beginners, but experienced woodworkers will also find some nuggets and tricks they haven't heard of before.


The Creator of the Beginner Woodworker's Course is Are Baloni Amland. Are is a woodworker and youtuber from southern Norway, who has worked as a full-time furniture maker for over 3 years. He started is business at 19 years old, and has over 40 000 subscribers on YouTube and over 30 million views on Facebook.
Are's creations has been featured in newspapers all over the world, including Business Insider, Home Insider, Interesting Engineering,  Craft Factory, and Brainy Is The New Sexy.

With The Beginner Woodworkers Course I have made the course that I wish existed when I got started with woodworking. This course will help you go from complete beginner to building furniture you are proud of. Whether you want to sell furniture, make furniture for your own house, or just develop your craft as a woodworker; this course has got you covered. 

Why I Made This Course

Hi there! This is Are, the creator of the Beginner Woodworkers's Course. I have been woodworking most of my life, but 5 years ago I wanted to get more serious about it. I wanted to develop my skills as a woodworker, and learn how I could build and sell beautiful furniture. The only problem was that I had a lot of questions. Not only that, but I had questions that I didn´t know how to ask, because I did not know the words. 
If there only was a woodworking course that could teach me some basic knowledge about building and designing, and give me some tips on how to get better results, without having to search around in books, articles and YouTube-videos. Well, there is now!

Some of What You'll Learn:

- How to get started with woodworking.
- What tools you should buy first.
- The Secrets to giving your projects a higher-quality look.
- The Mistakes you need to avoid to improve your skills quicker.
- How you can design your own furniture. 
- Crucial Mistakes that could ruin your project.
- How to ensure your projects doesn't warp or split.
- The Secrets to getting more accurate joinery.

- + Lots more

Why This Woodworking Course is Different.

I want to make a bold claim and say that this Woodworking Course is different than other woodworking courses on the internet. I'll explain why.

Most courses will give you a bunch of woodworking plans and show you how you can build a few different projects. That is fine and you can learn a lot from it, but it makes you dependent on woodworking plans and instructions from others. I don't want you to be dependent. I want you to be an independent woodworker who can build any kind of furniture that you need.

That's why you won't get any plans when you buy the Beginner Woodworker's Course. Instead I'll give you tips, tricks and secrets that will make all your woodworking projects better. I'll show you how you can give your projects a higher-quality look. You'll also learn how you can start designing your own furniture. 


Grab The Beginner Woodworker's Course!

The Online Course to Help You Go From Complete Beginner to Designing and Building Furniture You Are Proud Of!



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